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New season, new drama, new Bad Girls

Bad Girls Club Logo

“This isn’t the Brady Bunch, it’s the bad girls club!” said from the newest bad girl, from the new season of Oxygen’s high rating reality show "Bad Girls Club". The latest trailer of the new season of "Bad Girls Club" has been released for all fans, which is going to take place in New Orleans.

"Bad Girls Club" was first aired on Dec. 5 2006 with the infamous drama that started it all. The show consists of seven random "bad" girls that are chosen from different states and are to live with each other. The different personalities in the house enrage the girls, causing the cat fights within the house. Though the show is overly dramatic and very catty it makes TV worth watching.

The season that was released Jan. 10, 2011 which finished on May 9, 2011, only lead to the conclusion that maybe the show had lost it’s fire.

With the latest season (season 6) which started off strong for a beginning episode, made fans expect more of the show, but they were once more disappointed by the roller-coaster of negative emotions towards the show.

"Bad Girls Club" is beginning its’ seventh season and is announced to be released on July 11, 2011. Many fans don’t want to give up on the show that made reality TV enjoyable and hope that season 7 revives the past seasons, making fans to look forward to the seasons that could come after that.

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Thomas Collette