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Speak Your Mind

There is always something that one wishes they had done and ends up living with the regret on the opportunity missed.

Life is truly too short and, at times, the worst enemy one could have is the person staring back in the mirror.

Fighting the urge to take the risk may offer the same result:  nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The only thing that stops anyone from trying is will.  Perhaps this is when the “mind over matter” quote was invented.

Now some things are easier to do but once one has the confidence to take the risk, then the risk can be better than the consequence.

Say there is a person who catches your attention.  Anxiety begins to build and, before the first “hello” is spoken, a sudden moment of shyness creeps and which makes one walk away.

By walking away and looking back only presents the opportunity lost.

When one can walk away from any situation knowing the decision made is logical and right, there are no regrets.  However, when one cannot stop looking back to take a glimpse on what could have been the regret lingers.

“When I say something wrong I usually feel dumb because I feel like if I wouldn’t have said anything in the first place nothing wrong would whatever happened,” said Junior Nayeli Rodriguez.

To not be able to fully use one’s voice is a loss to the life being lived to the fullest. Living each day not getting a review on what should have been done and what shouldn’t have been done does cause mistakes.

Mistakes inevitably become memories made and, even though one might feel let down or regretful for speaking, he or she should now have the tools to do it again and do it even better with more confidence.

Mostly, take a chance to do everything and anything by just speaking when the opportunity is present.

Speak when there is something that just has to be said and go for it when the moment is right. However, listen to one’s heart and mind and, if they are both in agreement, then a conclusion has been reached and it’s okay to proceed confidently.

Being a person that isn’t afraid to take chances is a person who knows that holding back is the only thing that leads to failure.

“I am the type of person who doesn’t let myself over think a situation because then I won’t end up doing it and later regret not doing it,” said junior Andy Gomez.  “I don’t live with regrets and for that I am not stressed out about the past and things I wished I had just done.”

Just do it.  There is nothing wrong with trying.

Whether it’s the smallest task — being polite to a person in class — or one that is outrageously complicated — asking someone out the first time — just go for it.

Go along with whatever comes across one’s ways if it is something worth doing.  Think about the consequences and the possible outcomes that might occur and, if nothing bad is on the other end, then there should be nothing in one’s way.

If one would just let go of all the pointlessness inside one’s mind one can accomplish anything.

In life a person has to make certain choices and take certain chances.  Don’t be afraid to take a chance and roll the dice.

The hourglass has been turned and, although the amount of sand inside is unknown, one must start each day with a goal and end each day with a completed goal.

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Thomas Collette