Hanks Participates in Its Last Tennis Match of the Year against Riverside

Picture of J.M Hanks' tennis courts( picture by Karen Castillo)

With clear skies and warm weather suitable for tennis playing, Thursday, March 28, was, nevertheless, a bittersweet day for the Hanks varsity tennis team. Although the Hanks Knights raked up eight wins in comparison to the Riverside Rangers’ two wins, the notion that the away match at Riverside would mark the last one of the season was something of an unsavory pill to swallow.

Indeed, with the end of the season drawing closer, several players could not shake this unsettling reality—even while their games were well underway.

“As I was playing my game, I made an extra effort to do my best this time around,” said tennis player Corina Player. “I know that this is [the tennis team’s] last match and the last significant competition until districts.”

In light of the final match situation, the team was compelled to showcase what it had worked so arduously for since the beginning of the school year. In the end, the sometimes grueling afterschool hours of practice paid off, for the team achieved satisfactory results.

In the boys’ singles category, Jose “Rudy” Gomez shutout his competition winning his two sets six to zero.

Likewise, girls’ singles competitor Isabella Rivera won without letting her opponent score a single game.

The Girls’ doubles match was the most nail-biting of all, for it dragged on until the third set and kept the entire team waiting in excitement, dread, and general anticipation. The match ended with a note of disappointment: Monica Fuentes and Angie Chavez lost their first game six to seven, triumphed over their second six to three, and nearly won their third with a score of four to six.

Mixed Doubles partners Gabriel Cazares and Brenda Lucero also encountered defeat losing one game one to six and the other five to seven. On a happier note, Corina Player and Juan Carlos Etienne came out victorious with a score of six to zero and six to one.

The rest of the eight Hanks triumphs occurred by default, for Riverside had a deficiency of players.

The district tournament looming in the near future, the Hanks tennis team awaits one of the most decisive tennis events of the year.

“Unfortunately, I did not get to play,” said tennis player Cody Taylor. “With this in mind, I will try to do even better in the upcoming tournament. This season has been a blast, and I think the team agrees it should end with a bang.”

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