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Girls sting Scorpions, Boys score 100

As both varsity teams won against the Horizon Scorpions on Tuesday, Jan. 28, the statement of the win wasn't the victory, it was who gave them the victory.

In the last game before the playoffs begin, the girls will face the Parkland Matadors on Friday, Jan. 31. The boys also play the Matadors on Friday but continue their season next week.

For the girls, it was a different gameplan than usual as usual powerhouse players, junior Yadira Ramirez and senior Victoria Castellanos, had an inconsistent shooting game.

However, a great overall team performance full of defensive pressure and ball movement that included players such as seniors April Quiroz, Averie likovic and junior Ariel Blair carried throughout the game and gave the Girls the victory, 41-26.

For the guys, it was similar to the girls as bench players contributed a great amount to the game. Plus, despite a energetic beginning by the Scorpions, the boys were able to put up the best offensive performance of the season with typical high scoring by seniors Andy Arias, Carlos Delgado and Chris Adams but also standout performances by senior Isauro Castaneda, junior DJ Bentacis and senior Kevin James.

The offensive performance the boys put up consisted of great three-point shooting and 22 assists by the team which coach Manny Flores strives for as he wants his offense to play unselfishly.

"The [players] are buying into one another and are trusting the system," said Flores.

The only problem the boys faced on Tuesday was the inside game of the Scorpions which was difficult for them to control especially early in the game. Despite being a frequent problem this season, the team has progressively improved their inside game as junior Chaz Thomas and sophomore Christian Arizmendez are playing better defense and are rebounding more.

These aspects showed on the scoreboard as the boys put up 100 points as the boys won 100-68.

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