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The Smile

April 7, 1942

I first noticed him in the corners of my eyes. I would look at something and see him standing there, all black and foggy. He's there, mocking my life; teasing me with his kiss; the kiss of death. I was boarding the London Express when I saw him. He stood a few yards back in the steam, released from the train. I could not see him well so I passed it off. I boarded the train and walked to the back of the third cart and sat down next to the window. The train started, making me jerk forward, before it finally started moving. I looked out the window and noticed him again, but it was foggy. I don't know who he is and I'm terrified.

April 9, 1972

He's getting closer. He was yards away and now he's...I don’t even know if it’s a "he," but what he is is more of an it. Its got a skeleton-type body, but with tight black skin over its bones. But his face, its face, is the most terrifying. It’s just a black skin-covered skull. Its eye sockets are hollow and his smile, God, his smile. It begs you to come to it. I stood in my living room when first saw it. I haven't seen him before then. After I got off the train I went home expecting to see it but it was never there. Now that I'm in my house I don't feel safe since I saw him. I was walking through my living room with a book when I saw the familiar smile. My book fell making a thud and causing me to shutter. He just stands there smiling his long, friendly smile, but how can something that horrifying has such a beautiful smile.

April 10, 1972

I went to the library to find answers. I looked in everything from Bibles to Science books and could not find the exact definition of this, this thing. Though however, I did find a creature that might possibly be related to this thing. It’s called "The Angel of Death." I found it in the encyclopedia. They say it’s in a portion from the bible, and that he, or rather it, comes and stalks you. When it is seen it means that the person who saw it will die a tragic death.

It scares me to think I'm going to die a tragic death from a force unknown.

April 16, 1972

I haven't seen the creature for the past eight days and it terrifies me. I don't know what's real anymore. I saw him in the steam, or thought I saw him, until the steam dissipated and it was just a man in a black jacket walking. Driving down the street I thought I saw him, but it was just a homeless man. It scares me to the bone. Right now I'm locked in my house, scared of the world outside.

April 21, 1972

I had to quit my job today. This morning I went to the doctor and he said I was insane, and my boss didn't want to deal with that so I had to quit. But I'm not crazy. I saw the creature. I see him, and the most terrifying thing is that I see him right now. He's in my living room just standing half way behind the door, showing half of him self to me. I shouted at him and threw things. He stayed calm and caught the things I threw and softly set them on the table. The scary part though is that he whispered with a thousand voices.

"That's not part of the plan."

What does that mean?

April 26, 1972

He's standing behind me and I don't care, that bastard can take what he wants. I have my knife and my throat is waiting. I'm lying naked in the tub as he stands above me, smiling. God, his smile is the most beautiful thing I've seen. He brushed my cheek with his black, boney hands and said with a thousand voices:

"It only hurts for a few seconds"

I’m holding the knife to my throat and I ready. He's nodding his head and I just can't stop my self.

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