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Kong: Skull Island Movie Review

Kong opens in 1941 during World War 2 having two pilots stranded on an uncharted island that has not been touched by civilization. Will Brittain plays as young Hank Marlow, a U.S. Air pilot that is one of the first people to crash on the island, opens with him fighting a Japanese air pilot, Gunpei Ikari, played by Miyavi, who also crashed on the island.  Keeping the interest of the audience, Kong (voiced by Toby Kebbell) is given a thrilling entrance in the scene.

According to in their article, MIYAVI to cameo in upcoming Hollywood King Kong Film, the reboot of the King Kong franchise is intended to be part of a shared universe of WB and Legendary monster movies that will eventually see the big ape face off against King of the Monsters, Godzilla.

Brie Larson plays as Mason Weaver, an anti-war photographer during the Vietnam War jump. She accompanies Bill Randa (played by John Goodman) and Houston Brooks (played by Corey Hawkins) in search of proving the theories on seismology. Then questions rise on what is really going on when Bill Randa asks to be escorted to the uncharted island by military forcers. The audience is then introduced to Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard (played by Samuel L. Jackson), a veteran soldier that leads his military group, the Sky Devils helicopter squadron, to help explore Skull Island, a secondary antagonist that lives to be at war. The audience starts to believe he is insane after losing a lot of his men when they invade Kong's territory. Being driven by madness he goes after Kong to take revenge for his fallen comrades.

Just like the 2005 movie version of King Kong with actors Jack Black, Naomi Watts, Peter Jackson, and Adrien Brody, Kong has to fight carnivorous monsters to not only save himself but others. However instead of t-rex's and giant bugs being in the movie like its earlier 2005 version, Kong screen writers get creative and create a new type of monster, Skullcrawlers. Different gigantic animals are introduced to the movie, whether they are killing off people on the expedition or just creating a suspenseful scene with their tremendous height. Kong: Skull Island contains a bit more gore than its 2005 counter part but also contains more action and excitement throughout the movie that has its audience kept on the edge of their seats and paying close attention to it's plot.

A remake of the original King Kong, Kong: Skull Island gained 77% on rotten tomatoes.

Kong: Skull Island is a movie that is a must see in 2017.

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