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'The Walking Dead' concludes its seventh season

April 2 marked the seventh season finale for "The Walking Dead" and, to say to least, it’s been a bumpy season for the popular TV show.

Season seven had started off great, or so it seemed. The premier had ratings only second to the season five premier.

Fans where eager to see the new big bad Negan and just who would meet their fate at the hands of his beloved bat Lucille.

From then on, episodes had been hit or miss with multiple people.

One of the main conflicts that the show dealt with directly after its season seven premier was the fact that a lot of fans didn't like the excessive amount of violence in that had been high-lighted.

Although considering that not only is this a show about life in a post-apocalyptic world, but that writers followed those bloody deaths right out of comics, fans really shouldn't have been piling on the complaints for this specific reason.

The next problem that came along was the big bad himself. Many people found Negan's personality, while also directly from the comics, too over the top, crude and just overall annoying. They wanted Negan out of the storyline and fast.

To the disappointment of a great many, Negan isn't going anywhere anytime soon. This led to a decrease in viewers and while "The Walking Dead" still pulls in the largest amount of viewers for its category, many people can't help but speculate that if this steady decrease is a sign that the show is doing something wrong.

Multiple times, fans also had a field day with making fun of the CGI used in the show. From the garbage land background, to the deer Michonne and Rick spot at that gold mine of supplies, people couldn't help but make fun of the poorly-executed scenes.

For the season finale itself, this past episode had a decrease in viewers as well going based off of previous season finales but had a small increase from previous episodes. Many people would consider this season slow paced, as it should have been because just jumping from one battle to the next wouldn't be the best way to continue the show.

Instead season seven of "The Walking Dead" focused on how to build up the new big bad in the best way possible while also showing multiple struggles Rick and the Alexandrians had to go through.

When an action-packed episode came, it excited fans and many where actually pretty satisfied with the way it turned out, besides a few small plot holes. (Shiva knowing just who to attack has brought on many funny tweets, including one from King Ezekiel himself.)

The finale once again had viewers saying goodbye to a beloved character but the death was almost directly out of the comics as well so a lot of fans knew what was coming before the episode even aired.

In the end, "The Walking Dead" kicked off its finale with an action packed episode that will hopefully draw back in a large crowd of viewers for its season eight premier sometime in October, 2017.

Fans are ready for the all out war coming to every group of survivors out there.

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