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Top Twenty - Rodrigo 'Rigo' Jimenez

Rodrigo “Rigo” Jimenez has always been a calm and relaxed individual, either in the classroom or on the track.

He always brings a sense of being in his own little world and is always in this state of confidence and understanding.

He is motivated by caring for others, even something as little as giving a Starbucks card to teachers every Christmas, or as big as supporting the band members in all their events.

Rigo truly cares for his community and those in it.

“I always took Rodrigo for the quite type of individual but, once we opened up to each other, he was completely opposite,” said senior Emily Leyva-Moreno. “We would help each other out a lot and talk about life. I would help him get through a lot of things and he did the same for me. I remember when he had to wear a sling because he tore a ligament in his elbow. I would walk up to him and call him Nemo because of his broken fin and we would just laugh about it.”

Rigo is a very trustworthy person who always puts everyone else in front of his own needs and, at the same time, balances activities and academics.

He is the type of person that always presents himself in a respectful manner to those with higher authority and treats his peers with the same amount of respect.

“Rodrigo has a strong will paired with determination and a genuine urgency to accomplish his goals,” said his parents, Alfredo and Lucila Jimenez. “Once he makes up his mind to something, he puts his best effort to reach his objective.”

Rigo has experienced significant changes in his life that has turned him into a very mature and responsible teenager.

He demonstrated the highest level of commitment and dedication to all the activities that he becomes involved with, including his involvement in church, school and other social activities.

“Rodrigo’s willingness to learn sets him apart from many students. He is always seeking opportunities to improve in and out of class time,” said Douglas Brown. “Rodrigo had a full plate his junior and senior years, and managed to balance varsity football and band very well while he continued to grow as a musician and elevated himself to a new level by making it to Regional Band.”

Rigo loves school, academics, family and friends. This is what motivates his every day.

He has integrity and the will to be the best at anything he does. His modeled behavior will take him far in life.

“Rodrigo is not quite like his fellow teenage peers,” said English teacher Angela Olmos. “his strong family ties and joyful, family-oriented atmosphere has kept him clear headed through the otherwise tempting socioeconomics high school structure, and therefore above the rest in stereotypical high school mentality.”

Rigo is a hard worker who will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants done.

Many students and teachers feel that Rodrigo is a very inspirational person who is looked up to by many students. Rigo plans to continue his education at UTEP, where he will major in biology and eventually enroll in dental school.

With his will and maturity, Rodrigo “Rigo” Jimenez will get far in life and will stop at nothing to achieve what he wants.

Rigo will be a great asset to the Miner community.

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