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Top Twenty - Solomon Weatherby

To go from ordinary to extraordinary takes a a little extra. Solomon Weatherby's focus, drive and ambition gave him that little extra to help push him through obstacles and challenges to become one of the most well-rounded seniors on campus.

On campus, there wasn't a student or teacher who came across Solomon and weren't instantly drawn in by his smile, his personality and his loyalty to those he calls friend. When you think about it, his boundless drive doesn't make him unique; the fact that he doesn't back down from a challenge does.

"I probably bite off more than I can chew half the time," he said. "But I never back down from a challenge. I have an unmatched determination [to achieve] my goals."

Track coach Brittany Delk credits Solomon's outgoing, smart, joyous persona as a representation of a true knight. She had first-hand knowledge on Solomon since, under her guidance, he became one of the city's best long-distance runners.

"He is so upbeat in everything he does and continues to improve and excel in all he does," said Delk. "He is motivated by his intense drive of family and friends."

Solomon identifies mostly with being a long-distance runner in track and cross country. It's ironic that he goes to great lengths, either in running or in friendship, when he gives his absolute best.

When people begin to know Solomon, they realize how caring of a person he is.

"He is the type of person that if you want to be happy, or have lots of fun, you would want to go to him so he can work his magic," said senior Celeste Zamarron. "He is well respected by a lot of people and, as an individual, he can make a positive difference. He gives the best advice. He really is the right example for success."

His family has seen Solomon overcome many obstacles to achieve his full potential.

"Those obstacles in his path made him a stronger, better person. He has no limitations," said Angelica and David Gonzalez, his parents. "He sets his mind for success and nails it every time. We are truly blessed and honored to have witnessed such growth in a young man's journey."

Those who know him see a great leader in the future. That future begins in August at The University of North Texas where he will study computer science and engineering.

"He will be remembered as someone who cares enough to make a change," said his parents. "This is just the beginning of something greater to come."

That's far from ordinary.

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Thomas Collette