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Top Twenty - Alexandra Moreno

Anyone who ever saw Alex Moreno play catcher for the varsity softball team knew one thing right away: she was the undisputed leader of that squad. There is a steely-eyed look she gives you when she's focused on what she needs to accomplish. There's also this glowing smile that sucks you in like a vortex.

"I am extremely determined to complete everything needed to achieve whatever goal I aim for," said Alex. "For example, I practice softball every day of the week to give myself the chance to start as a freshman at St. Mary's."

Aside from the softball accolades, Alex is a force to be reckoned with as a student athlete who maintains a high GPA. On top of her work ethic, she has a great sense of humor and finds a way to lift up all those around her.

Alexandra is on of the top softball players in the city," said cross country coach Brittany Delk. "After her sophomore year when I asked her to run cross country for the Lady Knights team she gladly accepted. She decided to join cross country and made the varsity team."

Alex has a hard work ethic that is unmatched by by anyone her age. She works hard for her family, friends, teammates and, most of all, herself.

"Alex is driven by her desire to be the best and reach all of the dreams she has set her sight on," said Delk.

Alex has matured throughout the years, which was expected but nevertheless surprised to actually see.

"As the years passed she became very mature and could control and manage her surroundings and balance her education with her extra curricular activities," said her father, Arturo Moreno. "She became the type of person people sought for guidance, stability, support or just wanted to be around."

Senior Nadia Valverde shared a moment of when she knew Alex was different.

"We were in Midland for a tournament and I forgot the jersey we were supposed to wear," said Valverde. "She defended me against the team and showed my what its like to be a leader."

Alex is a very smart, talented and independent person who will never hesitate to help others.

"She is very dedicated to her family, sports and school," said Valverde. "Alex is a very beautiful and well rounded person."

With all her hard work on the diamond, and in the classroom, she was offered an academic and athletic scholarship to attend St. Mary's University where she plans to major in nursing.

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