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There Really is a Wolf

Russ the rapper has released a new album.

Atlanta’s own Russ has gone from an aspiring artist to a Soundcloud sensation over the past year or two, amassing over 400K followers & earning himself a record deal in the process.

"There really is a wolf," his debut album, his finally been dropped, after numerous singles. The rapper has finally released the 12th album, which includes 20 songs with no features and also some of his biggest hits such as  "Losin Control"," What They Want," and "Pull the Trigger".

Though not always having been successful, he had a tough start in the music industry. After many years, he has finally blown up and gotten some recognition.

"From the first beat I made almost 11 years ago, to the first song I put out 6 years ago, it was all just to get to this point," said Russ. "Thank you to all the fans."

Russ has produced each song, mixed, mastered, engineered, & written himself. Now, he is officially a platinum recording artist, producer, mixer/mastering engineer, recording engineer, and writer.

Although ATL is his origin, Russ was born in New Jersey and spent his childhood living in various places all over the nation. This constant motion and rich body of influence has clearly made a monster out of Russ Vitale.



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