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The Old Yellow House on Maple Street

The street was quiet, taken over by its surroundings. Dead leaves trample over it as the slow breeze passes by, whistling as it goes. Leaves get caught in the large cracks of the asphalt, the air still tugging until the leaves break, sending a disrupting ripple through the air; then again, its quiet. From the broken old road, another, small road breaks off to the right, behind the over grown shrubs and untrimmed trees. A simple blink of the eye and one would miss this small graveled road.

Weeds and shrubs grow from in-between the small gravel rocks, trampled and broken from the trespassers walking through and the surrounding animals. Up this small gravel road, lays a small over-grown garden, where wild flowers infect the lawn.

Broken, faded, red bricks line up on the sides of the walkway that leads to the old yellow house. Several spots of the little brick wall stand empty, where many trespassers grabbed a brick and lunged it through the upstairs windows, sending glass all over the bedrooms, and little shards that lie in front of the house.

From the small path, stands the front porch, a few steps off the ground, made out of beautiful oak wood; but with time and erosion, has split and splintered. One wrong step on the porch could shatter the wood from underneath.

An old brown door stands like a guard, debating who can enter. To both the left and right are two windows, the size of the brown door, faded and cracked with the passing weather. Next to the far window to the right, the pillar leans inward, making a dip in the roof; mostly caused by water leaks.

Up close to the door, one will notice the faded yellow paint chipping away and vandalizing the broken porch.

With a hard push, and a loud creak, the door opens, exposing the large front from. The stairwell stands to the right, covered in dust and old broken leaves, and a walkway that leads to a living room that splits off into the kitchen and dining room. Above hangs a beautiful multi-layered chandelier, infected by age and neglect.

From inside, one will feel the emotion, and memories that fuel this building, that keeps this building standing. The eyes and ears in the wall that has seen every fight, every cry, every fornication that took place in the house. The house has seen all the good and all the bad that people can provide. It's seen the birth of two children, and watched them grow up until they moved out and created more memories in other buildings.

From a distance, one might think the house is cursed, haunted, and hated, but in reality, it is just an old soul that has seen so much, and has taken in many things.

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