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Those Summer Knights of Talent

The morning began with an over abundance of eager and supportive students filing into the Hanks theatre in high anticipation of the Knight of Talent, put on by the Speech and Debate team.

"We sold out," said Gardea excitedly, as the dwindling ticket amounts  soon became nonexistent.

As seats filled up, a projector filled the theatre screen with videos of the Debate team collected over the past year, setting the lasting undertone of 'farewell to seniors' and high school pride.

The event kicked off with an original rap by Angel Diaz, exciting the crowd with that was to come later in the show.

The two hosts, Alex Pallanes and Erich Deschepper brought endless comic relief throughout the morning, with satirical banter and unexpected jokes.

"You can check him out on all the social medias," Pallanes joked about most of the rappers. "Twitter, Instagram, eHarmony, farmersonly; all the important stuff."

The event continued with graceful dances such as the interpretive number by Isabel Robinson and breathy renditions of songs such as Khalid's location by Lauryn Anderson.

Students lit up with excitement as Martin Burciaga and Gerrardo Alaniz performed a mix of Justin Bieber songs that included Despacito by Justin Bieber.

The climax of the show was reached when the elegant Jaya Egerton performed her original song "Don't Call This Love," with vocals soaring over soulful words that left the entire audience erupting in applause and begging for an encore.

The finale brought the Debate team together for a class dance to Kendrick Lamar's 'HUMBLE.' The underlying tone of goodbye quickly surfaced into the dance, highlighting each senior with a moment in the spotlight in their cap and gown.

Overall, the evening could be summarized as the official start to summer and, an excitement filled goodbye to Speech and Debate seniors.

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