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Expiration Date

Innocent. That's the first word many think about when they see a toddler or young child. A fresh piece of meat walking around this cruel filthy world. A little shine of light in the dark cave; but once you're born the clock starts ticking. The body grows older and older every passing second.

You see, human, much like anything on the corrupted world, has its inevitable demise, an expiration date that represents its time for you to be replaced by something new and fresh; something to please on for a certain amount of time. Much like dairy, humans have stages of expiration.

When you're first born, you're pure, innocent, harmless; but once you take that first breathe, corruption starts to take control. It starts off slow, and as you grow it gets better, stronger, and faster until you are completely taken over.

The first stage of expiration is the smell; raunchy and sour. When we are young we believe in good, we believe that "God" made us, that we are equal, that everything is perfect. Suddenly education rips that blanket away from you and throws away your pacifier, and you start learning. Schools teach you about slavery, discrimination, crimes, terrorist attacks. They teach you hate, greed, selfishness. Your core begins to sour, and you let off a smell that tells you apart from everyone else.

Then you start to mold; you learn about power, glory, hatred. You learn how it feels to belittle people, how to hate people based on color, culture, ethnicity. You learn that no one is equal, and not everything is good. You learn that your "God" is just a character in a fictional story, and no one can save you from the cruel reality.

After a few years, the bacteria grows and becomes chunky, and you change colors. You find out what money does, why everyone has it. You spend more time in work then you do with you family. You separate everyone and everything that doesn't pay you. You start to drink, smoke, and do drugs. The feel you get from shooting up is so uncontrollable that you only think about it. You forget about your family, your friends, your lovers. You forget about everything. You turn away from god, and only see the bad in the world.

You then start to rot from the inside out. The world eats up every bit of happiness you want. You slowly start to die as people leave you and find what they want to find. You hate everyone and everything, and you get the exact same reaction you gave out. You realize there is nothing left in life and that dreams aren't real. You're stuck in a cubical wondering where you went wrong but you didn't. Depression takes over your mind and everything is blue and grey. Everything around you dies, and crumbles to the floor. You die; not literally, but mentally. Your soul is gone and a smile is a foreign concept. You fake your emotions so that everyone else who is not rotten yet can be fooled. You don't want people to see what you really are;n A rotten sack of crap.

You suddenly realize that you're in the front of the line, people realize you're past due, and replace you, with someone new, clean pure. The higher power you call "God" watches everyone's different reaction to expiration. A game to see who is strong and who can last longer. You were merely a tiny piece in a huge corrupted game.

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