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No más

The recurring words of political prisoner, Leopoldo Lopez are, "El due se cansa, pierde," which in English, translates to, "The one who grows tired, loses."

The words resonate with the endurance found in every Venezuelan taking the streets and risking their lives in the name of opposing their authoritarian government led by Nicolás Maduro.

Recent worldwide coverage on Venezuela's current political protests does not mark the first time opposition supporters have taken the streets and it only proves it won't be the last until they have access to a government free of repression and human rights violations that is rightfully theirs.

According to Aljazeera, May 20, 2017 marked 50 days of continuous protests, making June 6, the 67th day of mass marches in protest of their government.

A recent Twitter video posted by Lilian Tintori - wed to Lopez - accuses Benavides Torres, commander of the Bolivarian National Guard for the killings and violating the human rights of their own people.

According to the Los Angeles Times', "Death toll in Venezuela protest violence rises to 56," published May 24, reports the latest being three killed by gunfire in additional to the 1,000 reported injuries and 2,700 arrested reported by the civil society group Penal Forum.

The 56 deaths marks nearly one fatality every day of protest.

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles, quoted by Reuters highlights the resemblance between the streets of Venezuela and a war due to the National Guard's mobilization.

Maduro's supporters cannot escape pressure from the international, global media and the pressure and endurance of the people they are meant to protect and serve.

The people of Venezuela matter.

No más: no more.

No more repression.



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