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Cloud Nine - Chapter 1: Haley - Part 1

"Mom please, don't worry, we're not going to do anything. All we're going to do is watch a movie and grab something to eat," I say as my mother paces from one room to the other, grabbing towels to wash.

"All I'm saying is that I don't trust that boy. Haley seems..," she sticks her head out of the bathroom, "...shady. That's what you kids say right?" She chuckles a little as she walks out of the bathroom with a hand full of dirty towels and wash rags. We continue down the hallway and to the laundry room where I follow in frustration.

"Mom! Please! All I want to do is go watch a movie and possibly go eat something."

She looks at me, then sighs as she pinches the top of her nose. "Fine, fine."

Both joy and excitement fill me as I jump up and down. "Thanks so much!"

I run to my room. Undressing as I close the door, I slip on the nice pair of jeans I bought a few days prior, and the nice white blouse I I grab my phone and text Jared.

Hey! We still good for tonight???

I wait in anticipation until the thought becomes unbearable. I run to the bathroom and start brushing my teeth to distract myself. I rush when I suddenly hear the satisfying test tone from my room. In excitement, I spit out the toothpaste and run to my room to grab my phone.

Yeah! What time do U want me 2 pick U up?

I'm screaming inside of excitement as I text him back.

Um, what about 6:30? The movie starts at 7 right? 

Yeah awesome!

Excitement fills me as I look at the clock: 6:02. More excitement fills me up.

Only twenty-eight more minutes, I think to myself. I run to the other side of my room, spray some perfume on, and then straight to the mirror. I apply some red lipstick and some highlight before I run out of my room and to the front room to look out the window.

I wait about twenty minutes before I see his blue 2017 Mustang pull up to my house. I feel my heart pound faster, as I yell to my mom, "Hey mom, Jared is here! See you tonight," I say as I open the door and run out to the car. Jared sits in the passenger seat, holding the wheel with his left as he leans over to the passenger seat and opens the door. I turn around and see my mother standing at the doorway with her hands crossed as she looks at me.

I wave at her and climb inside the car as cologne fills my nose. I close the door and buckle my seatbelt, and turn toward Jared. "You ready to go?"

I nod and he starts the car and drives off. I continue staring at him; his sharp jawline that curves up under his curly brown hair. I watch as his jaw clinches and relaxes, the muscles flexing; I stare at his green eyes, and his narrow nose. Suddenly his eyes shift to me and I turn to face the road.

I feel my nerves tighten as I feel a cold sweat roll down my forehead. I whip it away and turn back to Jared.

"So...uh, you excited... about the movie?" I ask.

"Yeah, can't wait," Jared says.

I smile and we arrive to the movie theatre. We get out and walk into the theatre. The smell of over buttered popcorn and fancy perfumes fill the air. We buy a bucket of popcorn and two medium-sized Cokes and walk in the room.

I'll spare the boring details of the boring movie; it was boring. We sit there another moment before we get up and walk out of the theatre. We get in the car and sit there for a while.

"So..." I say, " What are we going to do next..."

I turn just as Jared leans over and kisses me. Sparks flare as I feel my cheeks start to blush.

Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! I think to myself. As we kiss, I feel his hand touch my low chest, then slide up to my breasts.

"Um... Jared..."

He kisses my harder as his other hand reaches around and grabs my backside.

"Jared! Please!"

I feel him slowly run his hand up my shoulder as he slowly pushes my blouse off my shoulder. His other hand pulls me closer as he kisses my neck and then my breast. His hand gropes my backside and a feeling of both terror and concern fill me. His hands grow stronger as he holds me; my body trembling as I feel fear rush over me.

"Stop," I say quietly through my tears, the hiccups taking over as I shutter. The tears jumping from my face and staining my jeans. "Stop," I say I little louder before I shove him. He smashes into the rear-view mirror, sending glass everywhere before he turns at me and yells.

"What the hell is wrong with you," he yells, as he hold the back of his head, a bit of blood sliding down the side of his face. I open the door and run out of the car. The cold air hugs me as I run. My hair dancing in the wind as my tears claim my face.

He was going to rape me...

Once his filthy car is out of my sight, I stop running, and crumble on the side of the road crying.

He was going to rape me...

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