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The Sexualization of the Female Body

Society has found a huge amount of satisfaction in using the female body to get what it desires. Whether the body be used to advertise and sell products, or simply used to make a television show more popular, the ridiculous standards that society has put upon women is something that the entire world should be enraged over.

From the outrageous desire to have a thin and skinny body with a small waist, to then preferring a "slim thick" figure, it is no surprise why many women have low self-esteem. Society has constantly controlled the margins for how tall, short, thick, and thin the female body needs to be.

Not to even mention the general sexual experiences a woman is expected to have. The women who contain a sexual history are "whores" and the women who prefer to remain reserved for a certain person are "prudes".

It was said on campus by a teacher (that will remain anonymous) that if any of the girls in her room had prior sexual relations, they were disgusting and were sluts because of their age. It's troubling to know that a role model for the school, another female, is addressing her students on any personal opinion regarding their sexual life.

"It was extremely disrespectful," said sophomore Isabel Robinson. "She made us feel like we were disgusting if we had any sexual history- which was certainly not her place."

However, women continue to be objectified not only by reproductive but physicality aspects.

Dress code has continuously been an example of how girls' bodies have been seen as nothing more than a distraction.

It was told to the students during orientation, class meetings, and everyday on announcements that the school's dress code is enforced to create a distraction-free learning environment. However, it seems the only thing found distracting is when someone breaks dress code, they are pulled out of class- which causes them to miss out on the lesson and work of the period.

"The male students are found a lot less in the office for dress code," said teacher Patrick O'Donall. "They are able to push the boundaries a bit more than the female students can."

This could not be more accurate.

During the 2016-2017 school year, a couple wanted to test an experiment. They both intentionally broke dress code, wearing the same outfit style. of ripped jeans, and a cutoff tank top. However, while walking together by the office, only the female student was brought in for her dress code violation.

"It was truly outrageous," said former knight Rebecca Navarro. "The school just proved the point about how they set a double standard for the girls and boys on campus."

School dress code is no longer a guideline on what's viewed as appropriate, but rather a means to make sure the male students are "not distracted". The dress code of the Ysleta Independent School District (YISD) raises red flags at: ripped jeans, colorful hair, hair spiked over two inches, exposed shoulders, flip-flops, and many more unrealistic desires. While enforcing dress code, administration regulates the imagination of the adolescent souls that walk down the hallways wanting to express who they truly are.

"I mean, high school is about finding yourself and expressing who you are," said junior Ashley Ramirez. "How can I do that if I'm being pulled out of class for visible knees and spaghetti straps?"

Dress code labels the body a distraction when certain areas are exposed to the public. However, a patch of skin noticeable through torn jeans is not a disturbance for the students on campus.

If the administrators of the district choose to sexualize the bodies of the attendants, the issue is not that of the students.

Being a woman does not mean to look, behave, or portray oneself a certain way. The female population is constantly overpowered by the patriarchal society in which the world has evolved from. It is sad to think that men in this world will have a higher ranking than women for as long as society objectifies the female gender.

Feminism should not only be a concept amongst women, but for every single person living in this world. With Donald Trump in office, the nation can only hope that this will be the factor that will push all members of society to boost each other rather than bash based on female characteristics.

A body is a body. Everybody has one. Society should not be able to say what is acceptable and what is not. It is ludicrous that many people in the world have low self-esteem and are body shamed. As a community, as a nation, and as a world, it is needed to band together and eliminate the sexualization and objectification of the female body.

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