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Silver knights make state

The Silver Knight Marching Band advances to state after competing in Odessa, Texas for the 5A Area A University Interscholastic League (UIL) Competition.

The Oct. 28 competition consisted of 25 bands from Amarillo, Midland, El Paso, Abilene, Lubbock, and other west Texas towns competed at Ratliff Stadium in Odessa for preliminary competition. Of these 25 bands, only 10 advance to final competition. There are a total of five judges - three music and two marching. Final scores are dependent on cumulative individual judging scores.

The results for preliminary competition (in placement order and total score) are as follows:

Bel Air High School - 12 - Advance to Finals

Hanks High School - 13 - Advance to Finals

Eastlake High School - 19 - Advance to Finals

Del Valle High School - 24 - Advance to Finals

Amarillo High School - 27 - Advance to Finals

Lubbock High School - 33 - Advance to Finals

Horizon High School - 35 - Advance to Finals

Cooper High School (Abilene) - 37 - Advance to Finals

Canyon High School - 45 - Advance to Finals

Coronado High School (Lubbock) - 55 - Advance to Finals

Cooper High School (Lubbock) - 63

Rider High School (Wichita Falls) - 64

Randall High School - 67

Bowie High School - 70

Palo Duro High School - 72

Plainview High School - 74

Parkland High School - 80

Hereford High School - 94

Ysleta High School - 96

El Paso High School - 100

Austin High School - 102

Caprice High School - 105

Lake View High School - 105

Monterey High School - 115

Wichita High School - 118

The Silver Knights performed second in final competition. Although Hanks was not in an opportune performance slot for finals, the Knights were able to maintain consistent scores from the judges.

Texas UIL marching band rules dictate that for every five bands, one band advances to the state marching contest in San Antonio. Since 25 bands competed at the area contest, five bands were able to advance to the state marching contest.

The results for final competition (in placement order and total score) are as follows:

Bel Air High School - 11 - Advance to State

Hanks High School - 11 - Advance to State

Horizon High School - 19 - Advance to State

Del Valle High School - 21 - Advance to State

Lubbock High School - 29 - Advance to State

Eastlake High School - 32

Amarillo High School - 35

Cooper High School (Abilene) - 36

Canyon High School - 37

Coronado High School (Lubbock) - 44

Although Bel Air and Hanks had a tied score of 11 in finals, UIL rules state ties must be broken by at least three of the five judges, ranking one band over the other. For this reason, Bel Air was given first place over the Silver Knights.

"I think the band has progressed substantially faster than past years. It’s been particularly evident in the way we’ve improved the efficiency of rehearsals," says Hanks drum major, Nicole Melendez, "we have strong players in the band who truly care about practicing their instruments and bringing more musicality to the ensemble."

El Paso, Texas had amazing representation in the 5A Area A competition from the following marching band programs (schools listed in alphabetical order):

Austin High School

Bel Air High School

Bowie High School

Del Valle High School

Eastlake High School

El Paso High School

Horizon High School

Parkland High School

Ysleta High School

The Knights now prepare for Tournament of Bands at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces Nov. 4, and the state marching contest at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, Nov. 8.

Let's go, Knights!

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