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Broken Promises

As children, we go through life with adults advising us on the dangers of drugs. We are told to stay away from the peer pressure and say no to drugs.

We view the accidents that occur because of drinking/texting and driving through presentations, videos, and documentaries about the dangers of drug use presented by not only school, but commercials on TV.

These cautions are everywhere and have been for years, but has it really been effective?

As kids receive warnings we, of course, vow to be 'drug free'. We make a promise, we participate in the dress up days, we say no to drugs.

Then we grow older and we still view the same videos and presentations about drugs, drinking and driving, and texting and driving. We still make a promise to say no to drugs and to be responsible when driving.

We agree to all this but to most it goes through one ear and out the other.

In high school, we have the same pledge, same presentations but now we have the students who are the "role models" of the school. They are the kids who are involved, who have "school spirit", who earn all the good grades, who are part of that clique, we all know there's still cliques in high school there's no denying it.

All the "role models" take that pledge to stay away from drugs, to never drink and drive, to be responsible when driving.

When in reality, those same kids those "role models", are the ones responsible for the drinking. They're the ones throwing the parties that are filled with everything they promised to stay away from.

Now, there's no denying it, the adults we made our promise to knew our promise wouldn't last. Our promises had an expiration date and that date was the day we entered the doors of high school.

Even adults have been guilty of breaking that promise, so it's almost hypocritical to say stay away from drugs and be responsible.

Drugs and drinking is a hard thing to take away. No matter how hard we all try, it continues to grow and all of our promises go down the drain.

Along with those promises, our innocence fades away.

As the years go by, during each drug presentation, our attention towards it becomes shorter and shorter until we just want it to be over with. We say our pledge and move on.

Most students have kept that promise but how long will it truly last?

"I pledge to be drug free"

"I pledge to never get caught" 

"I will never drink and drive"

"I will be fine" 

"I will put away my phone when driving"

"I'll just send one text, it's fine" 

All these pledges and presentations won’t really help out anyone in all reality and in the end when these same kids grow up and eventually the ones who have kids go on to say exactly what they were told not to do so many years ago and everything will repeat itself in a never ending chain of broken promises.

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