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Here's why the Al Franken accusations matter so much

Sexual assault allegations has turned the political atmosphere into one of chaos and frenzy; where one such accusation has turned the once blood red state of Alabama into something of a swing state in their upcoming senate election.

The GOP has their hands full in dealing with Republican candidate, Roy Moore after reports of him assaulting young girls became a national debate. The candidate has denied the allegations, with much criticism from not only the left, but his own party as well.

Members of the Democratic Party, both citizens and representatives, became quick to respond with comments of infuriation when they learned about this.

After all, a fundamental aspect of the Democratic Party that attracts people is their statement of intolerance for violation of fundamental human rights, with the rights to one's own body being a major concern for liberals today.

However, things seemed to fall apart for the Democrats when an image of Senator Al Franken (D-MN) leaked, revealing him groping an unconscious woman.

"Frankly, I was disgusted when I learned about this." says Bella Vargas, a Democrat attending UTEP. "It's unnerving that someone who seems so friendly could do something so disgusting."

Admittedly, Franken did set a better examples from others accused of sexual assault such as Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, and the aforementioned Roy Moore.

Not only did he admit to the act, he apologized and recognized that what he did was wrong, wherein others either seemingly didn't care about the repercussions of the act they committed or they denied committing the act altogether.

However, Franken should not be defended for his actions simply because he handled the aftermath better than those in similar situations.

If the Democratic Party wishes to be one of the people, and one of progress, then they must take action against Franken.

The good news is, the leaders of the Democratic Party seem to be doing just that. Leading figures of the Democratic Party such as Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Bernie Sanders have expressed "deep disappointment" in their colleague, and all of them have called for investigations in  Franken's misconduct.

However, the true change must come from the base of the Democratic party, and this does mean an utter intolerance of sexual predators from the constituents of the Democratic party.

Subsequently, this means that in order for Democrats to be able to carry on a vision of intolerance for sexual harassment, representatives who have been reasonably accused of sexual assault on any level must be voted out, and yes, this does include Franken.

The simple fact of the matter is that sexual predators must be viewed with an unconditional distaste and intolerance, and for Democrats this means disregarding previous political endearments if one of their own is accused.

The Democratic Party as a whole must prove that the only liberal slant towards sexual predators is one that goes against them.

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