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Disney/Pixar's Coco: Movie Review

After Disney/Pixar's hit releases Finding Dory (2016) and Cars 3 (2017), they announced Coco, a project they had been working on since 2011.

Coco, released Nov. 22, 2017, follows the story of a young boy named Miguel Rivera (played by Anthony Gonzalez) who wants more than anything to be a musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz (played by Benjamin Bratt). His family, however, refuses to have this dream come true because of a no music rule that has been in their family for generations. Miguel's passion does not allow him to give up on his dream. He tries to get out of taking part in his family's Dia de Muertos or Day of the Dead celebration and instead sing in their community's festival to become a musician.

After stealing Ernesto's guitar, he finds himself in the extraordinarily beautiful and colorful Land of the Dead. On his journey back home, he meets a charming trickster, Hector (played by Gael García Bernal), who helps him get home and uncover the truth behind his family’s history.

Coco is an extraordinarily beautiful and heartfelt movie, from the amazing artwork done for the Land of the Dead, and the detail in each and every skeleton. It's no question why this movie took 6 years to make. 

It is completely outstanding in visuals and the cultural aspect of it all brings out a whole new sense of originality for Disney/Pixar. Coco leaves its audience watching the movie through tearful eyes. 

"I cried so much watching the movie, it was so beautifully done," commented senior, Evelyn de la Cruz, "I absolutely loved the movie"

Disney/Pixar has once again released a box office hit, beating Justice League in the Thanksgiving box-office and leaving its viewers in awe of the creativity put into a beautifully made movie. A big round of applause to Disney/Pixar to ending the year with joy.  

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