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Hanks vs. Bel Air Basketball

The Knights won their home game against Bel Air on Tuesday, December 13.

The game started off with the highlanders in the lead by nine points. Hanks players had several fouls and coaches were becoming anxious are the first half of the game came to an end. Bel Air's team went into the locker room with confidence that the game was playing out completely in their favor.

Knights players emerged from the locker-room with a new wind of energy and determination. Junior Kyle Malone shoots two free throws for two points, bringing the team closer to making the game a bit more interesting.

"Our players really got a second wind at the start of the second half," said teacher Vanessa Gardea. "I saw major dedication on their faces as they sprinted back and fourth across the court."

Fans and players were on the edge of their seats as the Knights brought the score to a tie.  The players continued to give their all as Bel Air became shocked that Hanks picked up the slack from the first half of the game.  With the coaches shouting words of encouragement, Knights passed the tie by three points at  the end of the third quarter.

The score jumped back and fourth in favor of both teams until there were four minutes left of time on the court. Players on the bench screamed uplifting words towards those in the game and made sure the team spirit was not lost in the chaos of all happening.

"My team brought their all tonight and were able to successfully win," said coach Chris Mora. "The first half we were a bit slow but I just knew that they would put their heart into winning this game."

Hanks took the win with a final score of 47-43.



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