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Basketball vs Ysleta

The basketball team won their home game against Ysleta High School on Tues. Jan 9, 2017.

The game begins rough for the Knights as they are blind sighted a few times by their opponents. However, their nearly lost confidence was boosted by Hanks varsity player Andrew Perkins bringing the Knights score up.

Although the cheerleaders did not make themselves present this game, the players and fans felt the school spirit amongst each other.

After face injury of Hanks player, Jason Fernandez, tensions on the court ran high. However, Perkins continued to lift his teammates' spirits beginning the third quarter.

"The injury to Jason set us back initially," said Hanks varsity player Kyle Malone. "But once he was back out on the court, I think that all of us were absolutely certain that the game was going to be ours."

Towards the end of the quarter, momentum for the Knights exceeded as Malone continued shooting basket after basket, putting the Knights in the lead 47-37.

Halfway into the fourth quarter an obvious foul on Hanks junior Sal Hernandez was re-evaluated after attendants from the Ysleta side of the court began to shout at the regulators about a supposed "unfair ruling". Parents began to scream at the regulators, even calling them "idiotic" and "ridiculous".

However, the Knights players and families remained calm and even found the immature act humorous and continued on, still leading now at 61-47.

"I think the immature behavior was funny," said Knights parent Josue Martinez. "Parents that need to call the refs' inappropriate names truly have no place supporting their children at a game."

With a minute left in the fourth quarter, the head coach of the Ysleta team interfered with the referees' initial judgement, leading them to eject Hanks senior, Ernie Montoya, from the rest of the game for an alleged technical foul.

No negative feelings were left on the court by the Knights players as they felt their teammate was ejected for an unjust reason.

Hanks junior, Alec Villa, was able to score two free throws with 35 seconds left and the knights finished off the game with a score of 69-58

The basketball team left their all on the court and look forward to their next game in which they plan to take another win.


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