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The Golden Globes

History was made and stars took a stance at the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards, hosted by Seth Myers on Jan. 7, 2018.

Oprah Winfrey won the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement. When she accepted her award she gave a encouraging and inspirational speech. She spoke to all the woman and gave them hope for a better day. She gave a message to the young girls watching:" A new day is on the horizon".

"After hearing Oprah's speech it made me realize that its true, a new day will always come," said college student Diana Casas.

Female celebrities walked the red carpet alongside women's rights and activists and many stars wore black as well as black and white pins majority worn by men displayed the phrase, "Time's Up". The simple act of clothing showed their solidarity in supporting the Time's Up Movement which battles gender inequality and sexual harassment.

E! red carpet hosts took a hit from stars Debra Messing and Eva Longoria siding with Catt Sadler, of asking the stars who quit her hosting job 2 weeks ago because she said her male co-star was being paid nearly twice her salary.

The hosts asked why they were wearing black. Unprepared for the answers, E! hosts proceeded by asking them what were their New Year's resolutions.

Both making golden globes history, Sterling K Brown became the first African-American male to win best actor in a television drama and Aziz Ansari the first South Asian male to win best actor in a TV comedy.

The TV show "Big Little Lies" won in every category for which it was nominated. They dedicated their best TV limited series award to victims of sexual harassment.

While announcing the best director nominees, Black Swan actress Natalie Portman decided to add "all male". This moment was one of the most cutting criticisms of the entertainment industry.  After Portman announced her "all male" Kerry Washington pumped her hands in the air and gave Longoria a high five.

"It was obvious the female stars were feeling some kind of unity," said senior Victoria Perches.

Packed with current issues, the audience lightened up the moment when James Franco picked up best actor in a musical or comedy for his performance in "The Disaster Artist," playing Tommy Wiseau, the director of the very largely criticized, "The Room". Franco invited the director to the stage with him. Wiseau went in for a hug, then went straight to the mic, which Franco quickly pushed him to the side.

"This year's Golden Globes was extremely powerful, it showed the true power of women and speaking up," said college student Juliani Vazquez.

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