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The Fosters - midseason premier

Freeform's original television series, The Fosters, began its last season on television.

With its midseason premier airing on Freeform this past Tuesday, Jan. 9, The Fosters set out on its final ten episodes.

Since 2013, the television show has followed the wild and strained life of a married lesbian couple and their biological, adopted, and fostered children.

Steph Adams and Lena Foster have two adopted teenagers, Jesus and Mariana, and Lena's biological son of a previous marriage. The Fosters storyline begins with the fostered teenagers, Callie and Jude.

The show is a ground-breaking television series that hasn't been afraid of addressing the undiscussed social issues of modern America. "This is one amazing [show]," states a Rotten Tomato review. "It teaches the dangers of discrimination, extremism, dishonesty, and the loopholes and errors in the justice system."

The season 5B premier episode entails the latest struggles of the Adams-Foster family and it won't leave fans disappointed.

SPOILER ALERT. If you don't want to know, stop reading here!

When we last saw our beloved characters, it was prom night.

Brandon's wife, Grace, has leukemia. While the rest of the family is at prom, Brandon finds himself trying to decide whether to call Grace's mother because she is extremely sick this night. Grace didn't want Brandon to know that she's had the cancer since she was a toddler. Against the will of her mother, Grace decides to go through a life-threatening treatment that has an 80% chance of putting her in remission.

Mariana, in her determined struggle to save Anchor Beach from becoming a privatized boarding school, gets a text at the dance from Nick, her obsessive and dangerous ex boyfriend. With the careers of her mom Steph, the assistant principal, and the principal of the school being threatened, Steph and principal Monte have a once in a lifetime chance to run a new school opening with raised salary, and most importantly, an untarnished record.

Without her mom and Monte, Mariana has no chance of saving Anchor Beach, that is, unless she wants to find out what Nick really means when he says he knows how to save the school...

Ximena is an illegal immigrant with an expired DACA card. Callie and her ex-boyfriend, AJ, have gotten themselves into trouble with ICE agents as they attempt to take Ximena to Noah's mom's church where she must seek sanctuary to prevent her own deportation.

The ICE agents cannot enter the church without a warrant for arrest. Lena, a police officer herself, keeps things under control as ICE attempts to send in the local police into the church to arrest Callie and AJ for aiding a criminal. This now prevents not only Ximena, but also the kids, from leaving the church.

Callie, the famed social justice warrior that she is, sends out a message to the public explaining their predicament with law enforcement. The following morning, Callie, AJ, and Ximena wake to find the church surrounded by protesters, pressuring ICE and now the FBI from arresting the two teenagers.

ICE and the FBI leave, allowing Callie and AJ to leave the church, however, Ximena finds herself still in danger of getting deported as her DACA card renewal application is taking abnormally long to be approved. Ximena's worry is eased to find that the Adams-Foster's have temporarily begun fostering her daughter until she is able to walk out of the church.

Truly an episode that leaves you thirsting for more, The Fosters has much more in store as their final season progresses. With Jesus' brain injury that has made him impulsively angry and Jude's relationship with Noah taking turns and twists at every corner, the Foster Fandom has so much more to expect next episode which airs Jan. 16 on Freeform at 8/7c.

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