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Mexico presidential election - Cowards and hope

The people of Mexico deserve more than to go from one cowardly president to another.

The election will be to replace current president Enrique Peña Nieto -- PRI affiliated. Under his presidency, murders in Mexico reached their highest point in 2017 after false promises that he would reduce them, 43 students unaccounted for since 2014 from Ayotzinapa, his wife, Angelica Rivera's purchase of a seven million dollar home which never faced investigation and many citizens suspecting a spyware known as Pegasus to be targeting them.

Ranking as one of the most dangerous places to be a journalist, Mexico's rich history of election fraud investigations and conspiracies go hand-in-hand.

Many Mexican people have lost hope in its politics due to their knack of faulty reputations and predictable presidential results.

"Politics in Mexico are dirty, untrustworthy and full of thieves, lies, and arbitrary leaders," said Mexican-born citizen Leonel Calderon. "To me, it's like a mafia."

The 2018 election will stand in history as the first time independent candidates will have a shot at a spot in the ballot requiring a minimum of 800,000 signatures. Attempting to do so, member of the EZLN, María de Jesús Patricio “Marichuy” Martínez represents indigenous people and furlong needed hope. 

Recently in the spotlight, the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) and the recently registered political party National Regeneration Movement (Morena), have gained a spotlight for the 2018 presidential election where otherwise conservative National Action Party (PAN), social democratic Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) dominate.

Martínez is a native Nahua woman born in Tuxpan, Nayarit, according to "The Feminist Indigenous Candidate Running for President of Mexico," from Vice. Her indigenous roots and stand against the murder of women -- feminicides-- and corruption directs towards a hopeful change in the country's politics and society.

Being their voice in a political atmosphere controlled by corruption, men, and cowards, having Martínez in the spotlight symbolizes a hope to transform the power in Mexico to something its people deserve.

But where there is light, darkness will continue to linger.

With two previously failed presidential runs, Morena candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO). Podcast "Contrapoder with Jorge Ramos," featured an interview with AMLO refusing to take a stance on issues such as abortion, feminism and the LGBTQ+ community. His expectation for his constituents to offer him blind trust has proved successful as he remains in the lead.

Behind AMLO lies José Antonio Meade  whose resignation from Mexico's finance secretary was similar to a process under the country's one-party rule. During this time, the president would present the preferred successor and would be endorsed by PRI power brokers, according to the Washington Post.

Mexico's politics does not have runoff elections which enables it to have a large number of eligible candidates where a smaller margin is necessary to elect one president.

There is currently 85 other potential presidential independent candidates according to the Washington Post's, "Mexico's presidential candidates include a Hillary wannabe and a guy promising better soccer."

Martínez stands for hope and a progressive change not yet seen in Mexico's politics while many others will continue the legacy of corruption and cowardice. With many independent voices coming to light, it is important for the Mexican people to watch its politics closely this election.  It is time they receive the democracy they deserve with representatives placing their people and country over their own power.

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